MOC 2.5.0-beta2 Released

I'll tell you what I wanted, what I really, really wanted, and that was that after MOC 2.5.0-beta1 was released into the wild we'd see no new bugs and could put out a stable release shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want. But finally, MOC 2.5.0-beta2 is here!

A Disappointing Month

I had set myself the goal of getting MOC 2.5-beta2 out during the month of September, but despite my best intentions real world concerns have managed to interfere once again with the MOC Master Plan.

The MOC Report

In the run up to Christmas I thought I'd give you all a run down on how progress on MOC is running before you run away for the Christmas break.

As you'll be aware, MOC 2.5-beta1 was released in mid-October and has now been picked up by several distributions.

Several bugs have been reported. Their very existence implies that they weren't detected during pre-release testing and so it's not surprising that most cannot be reproduced locally and have to be debugged by e-mail, which is a time-consuming process.

With the new release, some new clues about old bugs have become available (particularly on screen upsets caused by the mishandling of non-ASCII characters). The major ones are now solved but the remaining ones will have to wait for the next release.

New development work has highlighted additional problem areas and these too are being worked on. Audio files exceeding 2GiB in size or having a similarly large number of samples are proving an especially fertile bug hunting ground.

Once these issues have been resolved MOC 2.5-beta2 will be released, but the progress towards it is slower than I would have hoped.

MOC's small band of developers and pre-commit testers has also grown a little with the addition of Tomasz Golinski, who has been a long-time contributor, undertaking to maintain the MOC web site content and information about MOC found on external web sites. He has in mind to make some rearrangements, so look for some web site changes in the near future. It will be good to have the web site tracking MOC developments more closely.

I'm hoping that in the coming month we will gain the services a MOC user who has volunteered to act as MOC Contributions Coordinator if and when his studies permit. This will be of significant benefit to the MOC user community as he will be able to harvest the contributions currently scattered throughout the Forum and place those still relevant in one common location where they can be kept current. Through him I am also hoping to provide pre-commit patchsets so users who wish to explore unreleased functionality will be able to do so.

Thank you to all those who have contributed to MOC in the past whether through bug reports, the discussion of ideas, testing or actual code, and I hope you will continue to do so in the future. Your support is very much appreciated.

Finally, let me wish all MOC users a very relaxing holiday season to the accompaniment of your favourite music.

John Fitzgerald.
MOC Maintainer.

MOC 2.5.0-beta1 Released

I've started nearly every week for the last three months thinking that by the weekend the next release of MOC would be out. But each week, for one reason or another, it kept on not happening... until now!

It's been a long time in the making, but we're proud to announce the release of MOC 2.5.0-beta1. This version has been the subject of a great amount of development and consequently a great amount of testing, so we're expecting that the stable MOC 2.5.0 version will follow shortly. Of course, any reported problems will be investigated and fixed if possible before the stable release, but no new functionality will be added before then.

Changes in this release can be summarised as:

  • Autotools and packaging changes,
  • Improved support for embedded systems,
  • New and changed audio driver capabilities,
  • New and changed audio decoders,
  • Overhaul of the FFmpeg/LibAV decoder,
  • New and improved audio reproduction features and fixes,
  • General configuration file changes,
  • New and changed configuration file options,
  • New command line options,
  • Screen handling changes and fixes,
  • New and updated client interaction features,
  • Improved text entry history and editting,
  • Theme changes and fixes,
  • General code cleaning,
  • Significant bugs fixed, and
  • Many miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

See the included NEWS file for more details and the SVN log for exact details.

For this release we have created a new MOC Release Signing Key and the source tarball will be signed using this new key. The key is signed by both Damian Pietras (who used his key personal to sign the previous releases) and myself so that should go some way to assuring you of its authenticity.

pub 2048R/2885A7AA 2012-10-02
Key fingerprint = 5935 9B80 406D 9E73 E805 99BE F312 1E4F 2885 A7AA
uid MOC Release Signing Key
sub 2048R/E6D3B213 2012-10-02

John Fitzgerald,
MOC Maintainer.

Client Freeze / Corrupt Tags Cache / 'rm -rf ~/.moc/cache'

User tomaszg and I have put some time into investigating the supposed tags cache corruption problem for which the accepted wisdom has been to delete the MOC tags cache. It has actually turned out to be a problem with stale database locks left over after a previous server crash, and I have today committed a patch (r2492) which I believe fixes it.

The Symptoms

  • The client freezes.
  • The server continues playing but does not respond to commands.
  • Neither the server nor the client can be shut down gracefully.


  • The client's status message indicates a server communication is in progress, usually relating to tags or playlist.
  • The command db_stat -h ~/.moc/cache shows the same WRITE lock being HELD and WAITed for on the same audio file.
  • This does not change significantly after the server is terminated.
  • When the server is terminated the client also terminates with a fatal error about being unable to receive a value from the server.
  • Setting the 'TagsCacheSize' option very low significantly increases the frequency of the problem appearing.

The Cause

  • At some point the server has died while holding a database lock.
  • Eventually the server attempts to acquire the lock and waits forever.
  • Because it's blocked on the lock it cannot service new requests.
  • The client sends a request and waits forever for the response.

Recovery Action

  • kill -9 $(cat ~/.moc/pid)
  • db_recover -h ~/.moc/cache
  • rm -f ~/.moc/cache/log.*
  • mocp

(Note that step 2 will create a 10MB log file. Step 3 deletes it, but you will still need to have sufficient space in your filesystem.)

The Solution

MOC no longer uses files (~/.moc/cache/__db.*) to back the memory in which locks are held. So when the MOC server crashes, any locks it is holding disappear along with the process's memory. This works because MOC uses single-process (though multi-threaded) access to the database holding the tags cache and it appears that losing the file-backed memory does not endanger the database's structural integrity.

Also See

node/825 (this is a textbook example of this problem)
node/599 (here the segfault is the triggering event)

FFmpeg Decoder Overhaul

I have today made a series of commits (r2383 to r2410) to SVN which represent a major overhaul of the FFmpeg/LibAV decoder. The decoder now supports a number of additional audio formats (including the requested WV and APE), and several video formats (AVI, FLV, MP4, REC and VOB) from which the audio will be played.

Seeking has also been added within the constraints of the FFmpeg/LibAV's libraries abilities to handle it. This varies by format and codec, and results in some discrepancies (e.g., WMA with MP2 is not seekable but WMA with WMAV1 or WMAV2 is seekable). The libraries are also unable to seek after reading of the input file
reaches the end, so seeking becomes disabled towards the end of the audio.

Streamed audio has not been added due to time constraints.

(I do have some ideas which may improve seeking and implementing streamed audio, but these will have to wait for another time.)

Downmixing to stereo (particularly of AC3 and DTS formats) has also been addressed.

Hopefully, more bugs have been fixed than have been introduced. For those who have unresolved issues with FFmpeg/LibAV and their related formats, it would be worthwhile investigating whether or not those issues still exist and posting the results (good or bad) on the original forum topic.

Of particular interest to developers is the new 'tools' directory which includes a test file generation tool and an MD5 checking tool. When debugging is enabled, MOC now computes the MD5 sum of the samples received from the decoders and these can be checked by the tool against an independant decoding to verify decoder fidelity. (And no, not all decoders currently pass these tests.)

A very large public thank you must go to MOC user "tomaszg" whose assistance has been invaluable throughout, and also to "zeddb" for additional testing.

MOC 2.5.0-alpha4 released

Here is another alpha release: 2.5.0-alpha4. It has numerous improvements and bug fixes comparing to the previous unstable version released one and a half year ago. As you can see from the changelog most changes were made by contributors, not me. You can see there most of the patches posted/mentioned on the forum. There is the play queue, lyrics displaying, the equalizer and more.

There are also some fixes in this release that are not present in the stable version, I hope to find time to merge them soon.


  • Tags cache using BerkeleyDB for better perfomance, reliability and smaller memory usage.
  • Play queue. (Martin Milata)
  • Display lyrics saved in files together with music. Press L to try it. (Géraud Le Falher)
  • Parametric equalizer and mono-mixing, see README_equalizer. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Keys to mark fragment of a file while it's playing using (default ' and "). The positions in seconds can be passed as arguments via ExecCommandX as %S and %E. (John Fitzgerald )
  • Add check for newer faad2-library (AAC). (Hendrik Iben)
  • Allows to use the OSSv4 per-application mixer API (supported by 4Front reference OSS implementation, and by FreeBSD-current). (thotypous)
  • Allow the use of FormatString tags in --format arguments. (Reuben Thomas)
  • Add -j (--jump N{%,,s}) command line option to jump to some position in the current track. (Nuno Cardoso)
  • Add the following options: EnforceTagsEncoding (assume, that if encoding of id3v2 is set to ISO-8859-1, then it is actually ID3v1TagsEncoding), FileNamesIconv (conversion of filenames from local encoding to UTF8), NonUTFXterm (conversion of xterm title from UTF8 to local encoding). (Aleks Sherikov)
  • Add .oga extension to formats supported by the vorbis plugin.
  • When maging item visible (for example, after pressing "next"), scroll it to the middle. (Daniel Kalør)
  • Allow seeking to beginning of a file in vorbis/flac. (Daniel Kalør)
  • Fix the symbol for "kilo", use "k" (lowercase). (Daniel Kalør)
  • Don't run the server if the user doesn't really want to do that when using few commands from command line like --info. (Reuben Thomas)
  • Fix race condition when waiting for the end of a file playback. Fixes freez on song changes.
  • Change minimum screen height to 7 lines. (Tero Marttila).
  • Add '--without-alsa' and '--without-oss' options to configure. (John Fitzgerald)
  • Queue messages for display in the client's message area. (John Fitzgerald)

MOC 2.4.4 released

I've decided to release a new fixed version of MOC because from the reports I get it's even getting hard to compile MOC on newer systems. There are also fixes for common crashes users complain about. I realize that not all bugs were fixed, but 13 fixes were worth a release :) See the changelog for details.


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